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Karlijn van Baal

A regular guy with a passion for stand-up comedy performs his show at a local comedy bar. He speaks about his alcoholic father, who died at young age, and the impact he had on his life. While he narrates the stories to the audience, the visuals change back to the real events he went through as a child.

Rogier is a Graphic designer from Amsterdam. In his free time, he likes to perform stand-up comedy in local comedy bars. This Saturday night is no different in that sense, tough he is performing a new set, one that is more personal than usual, one that focuses on his dad, who had passed away when Rogier was only 12. He feels well prepared as he enters the stage, the audience applauds him, and he welcomes them back. When the silence returns, he starts to speak. He explains the audience why he does not drink. He tells them the usual excuses he uses, but eventually he tells the truth: he doesn’t drink because of his father. His father was an alcoholic, and it never did him any good. While Rogier continues his set with an anecdote about his father, the visuals change to the actual visuals of that situation. He narrates the story of how his dad was once so drunk, he fell of his bike and peed in the neighbours’ garden.



you will be playing The dad of young Rogier Bak.

we are looking for a white male about middelaged.

must speak english

must have a drivers licence

saterday 28 and sunday 29 of november

Wat bieden wij?
a unique short movie. movie will (if corona allows it) play in the pathe teather in breda.
change to pratice your acting skills in a different type of film.

lunch and transport costs are payed

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Bericht geplaatst door: Karlijn van Baal
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Op: 20-11-2020 / 510 x bekeken
Categorie: Onkostenvergoeding (bv reisvergoeding) , 18-30 , 30-50 , Man
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