Call for native English actor/actress
Sarah Rome

La Ferpection is a starting video production company focused on creating short videos (mostly sketches) for various language learning platforms. Our goal is to use humour to make boring language concepts fun. Our new project is a series of video sketches for teaching various levels of English, French, and Flemish. Most sketches involve 2 characters.

professionele productie / lowbudget


We’re looking for actors who feel passionate about the project (i.e. making language learning fun) and who can add a fun sense of humour to the sketches we make.

As the work is for a language learning platform, the actor/actress *must* be a native speaker in English. This is not just about the level, but also about the accent. Therefore, please only apply if English is your first language.

Mid-June, with possibility of a continuous working relationship. Currently we are looking for someone to help on 1-2 half-days in mid-June (around 16-17 June), but as we create various English sketches on a regular basis, we are also looking for someone who we can call on on a rolling basis. This may be an average of a few days per month.

Wat bieden wij?
€75 per afternoon of filming (4-5 hours) if you come prepared knowing your lines. (NB The price will also vary depending on each new project.)
A positive, language-loving, comedy-enthused, and international team (2-4 people) to work with.

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Op: 23-05-2020 / 665 x bekeken
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