Gezocht: kinderen (9-12) & vrouw (60+)

"Jet & Ruby" is an 8-part comedy series following two 11 year olds--one American and one Dutch--who cause mayhem to the pensioners who populate their otherwise quiet village.

While this post is in English, the script is entirely in Dutch with lots of room for kids and Jutte to improvise and change lines to suit the charater.

The four crew members will take shel-tests the morning of the production. The entire crew will follow corona regulations such as social distance, food sanitation practices and mask wearing for all adults on set. We are keeping the number of crew members low so that parents are allowed safely on set. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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Jet (9-12) Dutch. Serious, confident and mischievous.

Ruby (9-12) American, speaks Dutch and English (American accent). Dreamy, indecisive, and charming.

Jutte (60+) Dutch, "gewoon Nederlander" who does not like children ringing her doorbell and running away!

A Saturday OR Sunday morning and afternoon in May 2021. Please let us know your availability

Wat bieden wij?
-75 euros + travel expenses for those traveling
-breakfast, snacks and lunch
-film footage for your portfolio
-on camera experience with a low-pressure, playful environment. Lots of room for improvisation and play.

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