English-speaking actress wanted for STAR TREK FAN PRODUCTION

Star Trek Batavia

For the Star Trek fan production ‘Batavia’ we are looking for a native English-speaking female actor to step into the role of Ensign AMY ABBINGTON. Our preference would be for you to have a native British accent.

‘Batavia: A Star Trek Fan Production’ follows the crew of the USS Batavia as they venture out where no man has gone before. When completed, the series will be made available on YouTube, where our previous productions have received over 400.000 unique views.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0KU_Yuack8 - Check out this early promotional video to get a feeling for the series.

semi-professionele productie


Amy Abbington is an earnest, intelligent Ensign at Starfleet, fresh from the academy. She works hard and she often lives in a world of her own, occasionally making it hard for others to understand her. She will often say things without thinking about it. When she’s around superiors, she can be quirky, awkward and fan-girly. Her first posting is at the Batavia, a small ship with a small crew, meaning she carries more responsibility than she usually would have. She takes her job as a technician aboard the ship very seriously.

Filming will start with a short scene that is meant to promote the series. This scene will be filmed early 2022, in Zoetermeer. This scene will be filmed early 2022, in Zoetermeer.

The role of Amy isn't written to be a recurring character on the show, but we may want to have her return to the series if the characters works well and adds to the show, the story and the other characters.

The casting sessions will be held on Sunday December 5th, in Rotterdam.

Wat bieden wij?
This production is a creative collaboration between Star Trek superfans and professional filmmakers, and serves as a love letter to the long-lived franchise.

Unfortunately, as this is a non-profit production, everyone working on this production does so on an unpaid voluntary basis. However breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

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