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Casting call for short film 'DISCONNECTED' - Please contact us via the e-mail address placed under - Are you interested in film? Do you have any acting experience? Or enormous interest and ambition in this? And do you want to help a few students with a very cool project with a beautiful and important message? And get your own footage? Good, then this is your chance! We are students of Hogeschool Inholland and are currently following a film minor. For this film minor we make a short film of 10 minutes. For this we are looking for a number of actors and extras. You can read what the story is about and who we are looking for in the synopsis below. Synopsis 2018, The Netherlands, this is the story of David, a friendly teenager who lives with his alcoholic mother Sandra and big brother Charlie. David and Charlie do everything together, like gaming. They are best friends. But everything changes when Charlie unexpectedly has a motorcycle accident and dies. David, who feels his whole world falling apart after the loss of his big brother, needs support from someone who cares about him. Someone who talks to him about what David is going through, who listens to him and can support him. But due to his mother's emotional absence, David feels the only way to cope with his grief and loneliness is through video games he played with his brother. And that works, for a while. But David's condition only worsens. Every time he does homework he gets distracted and his mind wanders to his game console. He no longer begins to take care of himself, eats less well, only procrastinates. David becomes an outcast, and the only cure he knows is to hide his problems through video gaming. But what David thinks he needs is not what will help him. He has to address someone, reach out to someone and admit that he needs help. Sandra realizes that David's situation is getting worse and inquires at an addiction clinic, she gets the brochure from this. David's situation worsens, he begins to look less well-groomed and his mood is nothing but nihilistic. The cheerful spontaneous boy is only a shadow of his former self. The only thing that gives him happiness is gaming. Sandra is shocked by this and refers David to the addiction clinic brochure. When his mother threatens Sandra to take his game console, he freaks out. In an action that can only be described as uncontrolled rage, he pulls the game console from his mother's arms so hard that she stumbles and falls down hard. She falls so hard that she bleeds. The shock that surprises even David makes him run away with tears in his eyes, far from home. David realizes that what had happened is not normal. Having no more advice, he calls his brother. He only hears his voicemail, who tells him all he has to do is call. This makes David realize that the only way he can be helped is to call the addiction clinic. David doubts it will work but is at his wits end. We see how David and his mother end up at the addiction clinic. For the first time in a long time, we see a David who has found a little hope.



Who are we looking for? David • Playing age: +- 16 years • Brother of Charlie, son of Sandra • White, brown hair, blue eyes, little facial hair. Charlie • Playing age: +- 22 years • Brother of Charlie, son of Sandra • White, brown eyes. Beard (Goattee), black curly hair. Sandra • Play age: +- 47 years • Mother of David and Charlie • White, blue eyes, blond hair • Details: Make-up or eyeliner. Mostly wears dark clothing. ! Note: even if you do not have the above external characteristics, you can still register! We ultimately make a selection of 3 actors who 'fit' together. You don't have to be the age either, but you do have to be similar to the playing age. Fee As this is a student project, we are looking for actors/actresses who would like to build a portfolio and who have no problems with a small or no budget. We can possibly reimburse the travel costs and of course we offer delicious catering! And above all fun and educational days. We also take into account realistic times and days that the film is produced. Of course you can also use images for your own portfolio. Location This is expected to be in the vicinity of Haarlem and/or Amsterdam, but it may change due to location regulations. Shooting period The auditions will be physically held in the Haarlem/Amsterdam area in the short term. Casting What we would like to know about you is who you are, where you come from and any acting experience. We would also like to see recent photos and any visual material. Don't be afraid to respond to the casting if you don't have any footage yet! You can send this to: [email protected] Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Naar verwachting in de week van 12 tot 18 december.

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Op: 22-11-2022 / 725 x bekeken
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