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Actors/extras wanted 17 - 25 years

Actors/extras wanted 17 - 25 years

(auto-translated from Dutch)

A short film: A teenager who gets caught up in the criminal world, who looks for a way out where he is circumvented by doing multiple tasks, regardless of the life he tries to improve for his brother where his mother is unable to do so.

More information about specific roles? Email: [email protected]

What do we offer?
We are a low-budget production, which means this is an unpaid role. We are prepared to reimburse expenses. We provide valuable professional experience and credits to individuals working on this film. During filming days we also provide food and drinks on set.



Actors familiar with slang and 0 - 5 years of experience (theater students are welcome)

- Idris, main character, 17 - 25 years old
- Jerra, 17 - 25 years
- Sayid, 17 - 25 years
- Juric, 17 - 25 years
- Extras, woman or man, 17 - 25 years

Language requirements
Dutch + familiar with street language

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