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Actors wanted for short film 'Fiora'

Actors wanted for short film 'Fiora'

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Rocco travels back in time to help a woman who likes a man, making her
both have to go through all kinds of bends to finally find love (again).

What do we offer?
We offer you a great opportunity to be part of a small group of passionate people who will make an original film. We take care of the travel costs and lunch!

professionele productie / lowbudget

Den Haag

Fiora (25 years old, neatly dressed):
She is a sweet, but introverted woman with a regular structure in her life. Work, family and her cat Simon get almost all her time. She has difficulty making quick contact with others. She enjoys watching others get their cappuccinos and macchiatos in pairs, or chatting with the barista and her love life. Or sometimes enjoy scrolling on social media, staring at colleagues who somehow end up in an idyllic location every weekend.

Rocco (30 years old, also neatly dressed):
He is working on something new every day and likes to invent things. He has a relationship with Fiora and lives every day as if it were his last. This was all thanks to that one day at the coffee house, when he decided to use the coffee house's free WiFi to get some bitcoins. Rocco is very unhappy after the break-up and wants to repair his relationship with Fiora.

For the story I am specifically looking for a young and old version of the main characters. Actors with a loving parent who would like to participate are also invited to respond.

I am also looking for the following people:
● Barista (m/f/x)
● Couples who want to help as extras.

Language requirements

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