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"Ironman is born" Short Film Extras Call

"Ironman is born" Short Film Extras Call

(auto-translated from Dutch)

SAE Amsterdam Film Production Bachelor historical short film shoot.

Two swimming athletes, Johny and Richard, thought of making something impossible. They decided next year to compete against each other in the 3.8km swim, 180km bike, and entire marathon course. Johny suggested it, but Richard "If you do it, I'll do it… whoever finishes first, we'll call him the Ironman".

Based on the true story in Hawaii
"Judy and John Collins saw their dream come true with the
first-ever Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon on February 18, 1978."

What do we offer?
- Productive and priceless experience in the film set, working side by side together with students.
- Food and drinks throughout the day.
- Metro ticket expenses.
- Name for your place in the end titles.
- The film will be screened at the SAE Amsterdam Institute.



- 4 x extras (10:30 AM for 40 - 50min. shoot)

- Cheering for the finishers
Two of those extras will be needed as friends of Johny and Richard, who will have a few lines at the start of the shoot: "Wait, what? Are you crazy? There is no way you will die doing this. You are both crazy."
- Professional acting experience is not required. Let's learn together!

Language requirements

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