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New Studio team is looking for Creators with ideas

New Studio team is looking for Creators with ideas

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Writers, Designers
to set up your own Team or Studio.

Stubborn people asked (of all ages) to set up a group and possibly a studio-like organization.
The aim is above all to join forces (which might otherwise work at odds with each other) and thus strengthen opportunities.

What do we offer?
Our entry level may be "No Budget" to start with, after which all options are open to quickly move on to professional matters on a larger scale.
This starter team can grow into a collective that takes the form of an independent studio.

Waarschijnlijk in 't Midden van het land, maar dit is geheel open en variabel

Job requirements / profile
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome,
ranging from brainstorming about longer scenarios and large productions to simply
improvise a short film directly on the spot with actors/actresses as a test, from which further development can be done.

Language requirements
English Dutch

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Expires 01-05-2024