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Actors wanted! Drama short film Lost & Found

Actors wanted! Drama short film Lost & Found

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Jude is an aspiring 17-year-old writer coping with her father's death. Angry that she has to move in with her estranged mother, Jude runs away. Before skipping town she decides to give her last goodbye to her departed father. After the funeral Jude’s mom is handed a poem that reveals to her the depths of Jude’s bond with her father. At the grave, the pair reconcile, with Jude’s mother admitting to her past mistakes and pleading for Jude to come home. The revealed poem becomes a symbol of reconciliation as they work together to publish it, healing their fractured relationship.

“Lost and Found” is a tale of loss, resentment, and reconciliation that follows the journey of Jude, a 17-year-old aspiring writer grappling with the aftermath of a tragic accident that claimed her father’s life. As Jude tries to say her final words at the funeral of her beloved parent (Samuel), Natalie, Jude’s mother, can be seen watching from a distance as her daughter runs off to the bathroom breaking down. When a friend of Natalie’s inquires about the move it is revealed that Jude has to move in with her tomorrow. Fueled by anger and a fractured relationship with her controlling mother, Jude runs away, seeking independence from an otherwise controlled future. She sneaks out unseen by others and ends up on the side of the road trying to get as far away from reality. After failed attempts to hitchhike Jude lets out her frustrations with a horrific scream and realizes that she needs a plan as she walks off into the distance. She finds herself back in the restaurant she visited with her father to organize an escape plan. As the waitress comes up to take Jude’s order, the image of a father with his young daughter in the corner of the restaurant reminds Jude of her own past and she decides to visit her father one last time before skipping town as a final goodbye. As the mom is leaving the funeral hall, the hostess grabs her hand and hands her the poem Jude left behind in the bathroom. Natalie sneers out an insincere “Thank you” as the hostess walks off. Natalie’s face shifts as she reads the poem in her hand, tears can be seen forming in her eyes as she folds the paper in half and walks off swiftly. Realizing the bond that the pair had, Natalie finds her daughter at the foot of her father’s grave reciting her final words. As Jude looks soullessly at her father's picture on the grave, she hears Natalie call her name. Filled with anger from the past few years, she responded to Natalie. Jude breaks down, she finally releases the anger she felt for her mom’s abandonment. Natalie tries to explain herself, Jude doesn't want to hear it. She believes
Natalie wants to control her, just like she tried to with Samuel (dad). Jude shouts all the words to Natalie she has felt for years saying that she has no idea what she and her father went through and that she did not need Natalie then, so she doesn’t need her now. Her mother will never replace her father. After admitting her mistake Natalie begs her daughter to come home and try to mend their fractured bond. Jude can sense the pain in Natalie’s eyes, she tells Jude that she wants to earn the title of being ‘her mom’. Slowly you feel the connection develop between Jude and Natalie, to which Natalie wants to give her a hug. Jude hesitates, steps back and says, ‘don’t push it’. Together they look at Samuel's grave for a while more, to which Natalie asks if Jude will come home with her. As they are walking away together Natalie gives the poem back to Jude. The found poem becomes a catalyst for reconciliation, healing, and forgiveness.

What do we offer?
Since all locations take place in Breda, we would pay for any transportation costs. A person in our team will also be taking her car to drive to every location, so if necessary she would be able to pick you up.



We are still looking to fulfil the following roles:
- Dad and daughter (age 0-8): For our opening scene, a dad and a daughter will be seen in a field of reed having fun and playing around together. Preferably the dad will be of a different ethnic background, however, if not we are still interested! (does not involve any lines)
- Funeral hostess (age 25- up): Your role will be to comfort Jude at the funeral and say a few lines after she has run away. Besides that, you will have another scene handing Jude's poem to Natalie, where you will also say a couple of lines.
- Natasha (age 30- up): As Jude runs away to the bathroom, you will be seen having a small conversation with Natalie, about Jude.
- Dad and daughter (age 0-8): For the restaurant scene we want to show a different little girl and her dad having fun in the restaurant (reminding Jude of herself and her dad). Does not involve any lines

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