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We are students looking for actors for our short film!

We are students looking for actors for our short film!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are a group of artistic students and we are looking for three actors for our short film "Fade Away".
The story follows our main character Noah who has a distant relationship with his father, John. Noah's mother dies while giving birth and that creates tension between the father and the son which remains and builds up until their big fight - the climax of the film. In the process of Noah learning to share his feelings, Margot is there to help him. The story is moving and shows the difficulties of coping with loneliness and emotions.
Acting experience is not required, but welcomed!
We are looking forward to realising this project and expecting your response, including a headshot and a short motivation for why you want to be part of this beautiful story

What do we offer?
The transportation costs will be reimbursed as well as lunch on set.



Male | 16-23 years old | Preferences: Slim and tall
Noah is our main character. He is a shy guy and doesn't have many friends. He is smart and considerate. Noah struggles with showing his feelings.

Female | 16-23 years old | Preferences: Smoker
She is into classical literature and vintage clothes. Margot is emotionally intelligent, confident, bubbly, and loves animals and nature.

Male | 30-60 years old | Preferences: should wear a suit
John is the аntagonist, he is Noah’s dad. He is a perfectionist. He is always angry with Noah as he thinks Noah is the reason for his wife's death.

Language requirements

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