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Actor for humorous logistics films

Actor for humorous logistics films

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are going to make a series of 5 quick humorous/comical/appealing online videos for a logistics company. These are combined into one longer video.

What do we offer?
Recordings: 2 whole days
Reimbursement per entire recording day: €750
The above amount is for a series of 5 videos and one longer film (combination of the 5 videos)
Reimbursement includes buyout of 1 year.

Travel costs of €0.21 per km will be reimbursed separately.

professionele productie

Haps, Brabant

We are looking for:
A professional male actor around 30 - 40 years old.
Character: Comical, confident, rebellious
Appearance: May have a somewhat stocky build

He is the main character and plays the character: Loek, a fictional employee who shows a key point of the logistics company's services in five short, funny and surprising scenes. In the scenes, Loek is the 'hero' who helps and relieves the customer in all kinds of ways.

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