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Actress (f/17-22 years) wanted for university promotional film

Actress (f/17-22 years) wanted for university promotional film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are going to produce a “student life video” for a Dutch university. With the film we show (potential) new students what the life of a student at the relevant university can look like. From laughing and enjoying with friends to attending lectures. For this we are looking for one woman who wants to play the leading role.

The video is deployed as follows:
- It is posted on the website.
- The video is shown internally during presentations to potential students.
- The video is used on social media.

What are we developing?
1 video (+/- 120 sec).

What do we offer?
A negotiable fee (for two full days) is offered for this assignment, including travel expenses. This is also a professional production.

professionele productie


One woman between +/- 17 and +/- 22 years with acting experience.

We are looking for a woman who will take on the role of the student. Someone who appeals to the target group (new students). Someone who is just starting to study or has recently started studying. Or someone who looks a little younger.

Body language in particular will be important for this concept, because you will not receive spoken text. We are looking for someone who is able to communicate emotions with facial expressions.

Language requirements

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