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Urgent - actors wanted short film 'strong together'

Urgent - actors wanted short film 'strong together'

(auto-translated from Dutch)

In a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by green trees and flowering gardens, lived Tim, a friendly boy with a heart of gold. However, he had a challenge: he was teased by a group of neighborhood boys.

Fortunately, Tim had a loyal friend by his side - his dog, Stip. Stip was not just a pet for Tim, he was his source of support in difficult times. Together they shared countless adventures, from walks in the park to fun games in the backyard.

On a sunny afternoon, while Tim and Stip were busy throwing a game of ball, a shadow approached their peaceful gathering. Three neighborhood boys, notorious for their bullying behavior, came closer, laughing. Without an ounce of respect, they pushed Tim to the ground and threw away his ball, which Stip immediately ran after.

One of the boys, in a rare moment of sincerity, felt a pang of guilt. He helped Tim to his feet, a gesture of regret that provided an opening for a friendship. Together they started the search for Stip, hoping that he would return soon.

Along the way, they once again clashed with bullies, and what started as an attempt at reconciliation quickly escalated into a heated confrontation. But just as the tension became unbearable, Stip emerged from the bushes, his tail wagging with joy as he triumphantly brought the ball back.

With Stip back by his side and a new friendship forged in the aftermath of the events, Tim realized that, even in the darkest moments, friendship and courage had the power to turn the tide. And with his faithful companion Stip by his side, he could take on the world, knowing that he would never be alone.


What do we offer?
We provide travel reimbursement and food on set. Of course we also guarantee a fun time with us and beautiful portfolio material for your file.


Beek en Donk

For our rush production we are looking for four young boys who want to star in our short film. We're looking for boys. Between 10 and 15 years (If you fall outside this category, you can also send an email). who can act and enjoy participating in our film. We need one innocent little boy to play the role of the bullied boy, and three boys to play the roles of bullies. Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested. See you soon!

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