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Casting Call HKU Graduation film

Casting Call HKU Graduation film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Traces of the Sun is a short western film (15-20 min) that explores the duality between accepting unchangeable situations and their complexity. It emphasizes that there is no clear path to acceptance, but that acceptance is a necessary step to find peace. It is a film with a bittersweet ending, in which we place no judgment on what is good or bad.

After 25-year-old cowboy Phiro is forced to kill her brother, she decides that taking revenge is the only way to accept his death. But her constant struggle against powerlessness and desire for control does more damage than good.

The film is inspired by the fear of losing a loved one young and suddenly, as I experienced when my older brother went on his first military deployment last September and the possibility of his death suddenly became very real. With the film I want to show that accepting that you cannot change some situations brings peace and allows you to make better choices in your future; acceptance is the key to happiness, without having to like everything you accept.

What do we offer?
- Very cool and fun summer shooting days
- A super unique project for your portfolio
- Travel allowance
- Catering on shooting days



There are still a number of roles open.

ROSCOE // 45-50 // male
- Roscoe (45) is a power grabber. He has a lot of money and “friends” who solve all his problems for him. He is cruel and enjoys playing games with people. Roscoe is sneaky but certainly calculated. He doesn't let anything happen to him and makes deals with people where he always comes out winning.
- We are looking for someone with a hard and lived-in appearance on screen who is not averse to (fake) blood.
- Shooting days: August 19 and August 22

ACE // 40-45 // male
- Ace (40) is Roscoe's right hand. Although he is not as heartless as Roscoe, he is just as dangerous. Ace is a real marksman. Someone who doesn't accept nonsense from you and just wants to get things done. He often works alone on Roscoe's orders to solve smaller problems, and tries not to involve outsiders in the affairs.
- We are looking for someone who can be intimidating in both play and body language and has a rough appearance.
- Shooting days: August 22 and (the night of) August 28 to 29 (night shooting)

WISE MAN // 70-75 // man
- The Wise Man (75) is a hermit outside the house. He lives in the wilderness and lays the dead to rest regardless of how they lived or how they died. He is neither good nor bad and is in a sense a personification of death.
- We are looking for someone who can appear sympathetic and mystical. Preferably gray hair and a small/short beard. Another rough edge.
- Shooting days: August 21 and (the night of) August 28 to 29 (night shooting)

FATHER // 40 // man + MOTHER //40 // woman
- The Father (40) and Mother (40) are the parents of Liz (15). They are on their way from the wilderness to the city when they encounter Phiro. They live a life free of violence until they face Ace.
- We are looking for a man and a woman with preferably dark hair and light eyes. Actors who can deliver convincing performances without dialogue.
- shooting days: (the nights of) 28 to 29 August and 29 to 30 August (night shooting)

MADDY // 30-35 // male
- Maddy (35) is Phiro's brother. He has always been a protector of sorts, sacrificing his own life for hers. Maddy is impulsive but with a big heart.
- We are looking for someone with a bigger brother image, but who can be strict. Preference for dark hair and eyes, white to light skin color (due to the already cast Phiro/sister). Someone who doesn't mind lying on the ground ;)
- Shooting days: August 21 and 22 and (the nights of) August 28 to 29 and August 29 to 30 (night shooting)

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