Actors needed! - Student Short Film - Son of Mars
Thijs Massink

We're Madlist Productions, a 6 member international film-crew from Breda University of Applied Sciences/Creative Business. We've been working on our World War 2 short film "Son of Mars" for 6 months and are extremely excited to finally shoot this film on 9-10 September at our amazing location in Roosendaal (Military base). With professional outfits and realistic props you definitely want to be part of this production!

The synopsis of the film:

During World War II, Jürgen a 17 year old boy from the Hitler-Jugen is send to fight in the war. He’s unexperienced and scared, especially when gets ambushed by the American soldier Michael in the forest. In shock by the young age and visible war-trauma, Michael gets overpowered and goes on a cynical rant about the meaninglessness of war. This, the similarities between the boys and the advice of his mother keep Jürgen from killing him, even saving him from another Nazi.


Netherlands - Noord Brabant - Roosendaal

We are looking for the following 4 roles to be filled.

DISCLAIMER: We do not require you to speak fluent German, if you have little to no experience with the German language this will still not be a problem. There will be very little dialogue.

- Jurgen Gurtner
- Protagonist
- 16/21 years old
- Minimal German dialogue
- White European

Michael Brown
- Antagonist
- 21 - 30 years old
- American accent
- White/black skin colour

- Eric Braun
- Small Role
- 16/21 years old
- Minimal German Dialogue
- White European

- Gerda Gurtner
- Small Role
- 35 - 50 year old
- Minimal German dialogue
- White European

The movie will be shot on the 9th and 10th of September.

Wat bieden wij?
We offer a special story to work with. We offer all expenses like traveling and food/drinks. We offer a professional environment to work in and a chance to develop your Portfolio.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Thijs Massink
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Op: 17-07-2020 / 1690 x bekeken
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