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Anna Plowden

A short film about a dutch man called Pieter in his 40s/50s- who looks like a famous singer. He used to work as a celebrity look-a-like but he has given it all up to become a writer: he's writing a research based novel. He's not very good at it. He bought his flat some years ago when he has a bit more successful- now he has to live with a lodger. She is Justine and she is inexplicably in love with Pieter. Pieter recieves a call from his old agent requesting him to do one last job: visiting a dying child who was a big fan of the famous singer. The film is dreary- full of wrong time wrong place, and it ends like it begins, lacklustre and hopeless.
Please contact me ! [email protected]



all dutch speaking:
Pieter: Ex celebrity look alike turned writer. Male in his 40s/ 50s
Lucille: Mother of dying child. Female 30s/40s/50s
Justine: Hopeless lodger. Female 20s
Collin: sick child. teenage boy
Please contact me ! [email protected]

for 4 days filming in the week starting the 5th December
Please contact me ! [email protected]

Wat bieden wij?
i have a very small budget. Can pay something symbolic and of course all expenses covered. Will be working with a small, fun and enthusiastic team :)
Please contact me ! [email protected]

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Bericht geplaatst door: Anna Plowden
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Op: 20-11-2020 / 1314 x bekeken
Categorie: Lowbudget betaald (naast onkosten ook betaling) , 10-18 , 18-30 , 30-50 , 50+ , Man , Vrouw
Verloopt op: 10-12-2020
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