Looking for voluntary actors for a short film production
Zhana Vasileva

We are a group of 5 girls (both Dutch and international) studying Creative Business at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Our big project for the second semester is to produce a 3-5 minute short film (in English). The logline for which is: A caring 18-year old girl raised by an abusive alcoholic father makes the hard desicion of taking custody over her younger brother in order to promise him a safer future.


Chaamseweg-Hazenberg, Ulicoten (Breda)

We are looking for 3 actors:
1. A girl around 18-20-year-old for the role of the protagonist - the older daughter
2. A kid (boy/girl) around 10-13-year-old for the role of the younger sibling
3. A male actor for the role of the alcoholic father

The age examples are just for reference. You need to have at least a little bit of acting experience/ talent for acting and you need to be able to speak proper English.

The shooting is going to take place on the 28th, 29th and/or 30th of May. (Friday evening/Saturday/Sunday)

Wat bieden wij?
We offer you the opportunity to be involved in a fun shooting day/days with a friendly and responsible group of media students. You will get the chance to further improve and explore your acting skills and possibly build up your acting portfolio. You will also of course recieve credits for your role. Our camera person, Sofiya is in fact a professional photographer and we as a production group guarantee an enjoyable and organised production process and a high-quality end product. Furthermore, all food and drink expenses will be covered by us and you can also get free professional portraits from Sofiya. We might be able to offer you transportation if you live close by, however this will be further discussed in the process and it is not certain.

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