Artist film, 200 euro per day

Helen Flanagan

Deeply, Madly, experimental fiction film, 30’00

Burdened by an irrational fear of being pushed onto the metro tracks, a woman muses on what it is to
fall. To fall flat, heavily in love, deep into sleep, or into a holiday pool that time on a faraway Greek
Island at 2am. Waves keep crashing, summoning Deeply, Madly as an obsession with moments of being mid-motion—bodies, emotions and time that all succumb to gravitational forces — from the lovesick, to the slapstick, to the macabre.

professionele productie / lowbudget

Rotterdam / Hague


EX-HUSBAND (45-55 years): A middle-aged balding man who is moody looking, quiet and pensive. He chain smokes cigarettes. We see him loiter outside the night shop like a peculiar and omnipresent shadow. He appears in a recollection of Sheila’s, when he playfully pushes Sheila into a pool when they were on a holiday. This enigmatic character features in hallucinogenic ways and offers minimal words of haunting wisdom.

TEENAGE BOY & FRIEND (18-25 years): a skinny teenage boy and his friend who wear branded tracksuits. One has acne, the other has bravado. They buy a couple of energy-drinks and a small mountain of snacks from the night shop. A car from outside plays loud Drum & Bass music and blasts its horn impatiently. The teenage boy appears in Sheila’s recollection as he water-bombs into the water of a holiday pool laughing, the water shimmering on his face. The water splashes Sheila as she lays by the side of the pool. He reappears again as a waiter and serves her drinks and food.

ELDERLY WOMAN (70-85 years): An elderly woman, who although familiar, has never been a customer at the shop before. She comes in to try and find washing-up liquid. This could be Sheila in thirty years time. Her skin hangs loose and her hair is short in tight curls. The woman appears in a dream-sequence in a bubble bath. She reflects on her falling skin. Her body is often relaxed or lifeless in thewater, as if she was a floating corpse. In another scene she is glammed up and glitzy whilst playing the keyboard for the singing young woman and enjoying the best and last parts of her life.

YOUNG WOMAN (20-27 years): A tall woman who enters the shop to buy snacks and sings along to the radio. She transforms and sings passionately by the poolside with impressive power and conviction, scaling the song and repeating the lyrical song with maddening intensity.

LOVED-UP OVERWEIGHT COUPLE (35-45 years): These two chubby characters look like
little cherubs and cannot take their eyes off of each other. It reminds Sheila of what it is to fall in love. This couple seem to always get along. They could actually just be one body, an agreeable mass. They float together in a large rubber ring, connected, floating and caressing each other’s hair. They love
ice-cream evenings at home.

Definite dates still to be confirmed. it will be shot in two phases for different scenes - In the winter and in the summer. It will require a number of different days depending on the role.

End of January/beginning of February 2022 in Rotterdam
End of June 2022 in Hague and Netherlands (locations to be confirmed)

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200 euro per day
Lunch or dinner covered
Some money towards travel expenses
Part of a professional production that will be shown in art museum contexts

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Bericht geplaatst door: Helen Flanagan
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Op: 23-11-2021 / 1440 x bekeken
Categorie: Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding , 18-30 , 30-50 , 50+ , Man , Vrouw , Zeer ervaren , Redelijk ervaren of opgeleid
Verloopt op: 31-12-2021
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