Im Visier
jaar 2010
producent Dries van Lommel

Like a flower opening up in the first sunshine of spring after a long and harsh winter, a boy breaks free from his guardian and enjoys the moment.

He gets fascinated by an overflying plane crossing the gigantic cloud scenery. The boy starts chasing it and does whatever it takes to catch it.
The guardian who became out of sight notices the threat and appears in an overwhelming manner around him, trying to save the boy from any hurt that might overcome him...

Produced for an unknown audience, this three minute animatied short film, made by Dries van Lommel, brings you into a dream world of beauty and hope. Although it has a dark edge, the film lets you experience the value curiosit and purity. Dreams need to be hunted, no matter the consequences.

Janneke van den Biggelaarcomputer animator
Dries Van Lommelanimator
Clemens Wijersmuziek > componist
Clemens Wijersfoley artiest
Clemens Wijersgeluidmixer (studio)
Clemens Wijersmuziek > dirigent
Dries Van Lommelcompositing (operator)
Clemens Wijerssoundmastering
Dries Van Lommelregie
Dries Van Lommelidee ontwikkeling / concepting

Animatie, Korte film