Sleeper Agent
jaar 2013
producent Quiksand Productions
regie Kevin Canales
scenario Pim Meijerman
synopsis The story is set in the Future, 358 years after humanity has abandoned the earth. One of the new planets were humanity resides is Terra V. A rich and fertile planet.

The governing of the planet is done by the Terra Democratic Republic (TDR), until they are overthrown by a group called the Proletarian Freedom Movement (PFM).

A Civil War breaks out, and people are forced to flee Terra V, in search of a safe heaven.
In the midst of it all is Christopher Barnes. A talented physicist working for the government. He, and his team, were researching the weapon capabilities of a resource known as Aurora Crystals.

These Crystals are the main energy source for Terra V, so weaponizing them would be invaluable to the PFM.
During the attack, the PFM attempts to capture Chris and his research team, Chris is the only one who escapes, taking the research data with him. Together with three other refugees, he is able to escape Terra V.

The story of the escape will be told by Chris himself. He is being interviewed by Isaac Morgan, who is trying to find out where Chris is keeping the research data.

Willem van Dinterenacteur (man)

Korte film