Capo di Famiglia III
year 2021
producer Mohr Productions
director Dirk Gunther Mohr
script Dirk Gunther Mohr

It has been 12 years since Eva, Vincent la Rosa's wife, passed away. Since then, in addition to caring for his son Daniel, Vincent has taken on the role as godfather to his niece Helena and has been busy maintaining his empire. In fact, Vincent is currently one of the most influential people in the Netherlands and he wants to use his influence, which reaches as far as the Catholic Church, to boost his son's political career. The moment he seems inviolable and Vincent gets his way in everything, the past catches up with him and his family. Then the opponents come from an unexpected quarter for another person in the la Rosa family.
Erica Maple Polsart direction (set)
Erica Maple Polsproduction design
Dirk Gunther Mohractor (male)
Short film