Torsten Colijn
oterleek / NL
actor, presenter, voice-over

Award winning Dutch actor Torsten Colijn has acted in over 70 productions for film, television and theater since the early 2000s. Full bio on IMDb:

Great improvisation skills Strong in text handling / 'pelvis'
Good relationship with children Flexible in following stage directions
Skating Riding Skiing Sailing Swimming Excellent command of English Good command of German Excellent command of Dutch

Prize: 'Best Actor' for the role of the lonely 'Peter' in the short film 'Together does not exist' (Nena Tijsma, 48 HFP Amsterdam 2010).

From the jury report: '[...] when it comes to play, the jury mainly let the feeling speak. We prefer to see a film that touches us, surprises, shocks, moves... The actor who gave us goosebumps and who broke our hearts with his tears and that last lonely sentence: 'You can always call me.' That's the winner of the Award for Best Acting Male: Torsten Colijn in Samenexistent.'


actor (male) (main profession)
assistent director
directing - TV & AV productions
acting coach
voice actor (male)

Short film, Feature film, Drama for Television / Series, Television

Torsten Colijn
oterleek / NL
actor, presenter, voice-over