Titia Rieter
(screenplay) writing, acting, directing
weesp / NL
about me
With a psychology, detective, acting and screenplay training behind the teeth, I am at home in many markets. I act and direct. Writing is what I do most of all: from film scripts to grant applications, from television drama to magazine articles. I wrote and directed the short film 'Garden of Eden, Revisited', wrote for many television and radio series and played in my theater production 'Big Mother'.

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Quirky, intelligent, inventive with a great drive for what I'm doing.

- Prize Mediafonds and Zapp for writing children's series 'Cat food and Febo ice cream'. -Korte Film Hof van Eden has screened at many festivals, including Tribeca and has received good reviews time after time - Nomination for the Tuschinski Award - Audience Award for New Tins Festival.

Short film, Feature film, Drama for Television / Series, Theatre

Titia Rieter
weesp / NL
(screenplay) writing, acting, directing