Ramon Servaas
Driebergen / NL
about me
My name is Ramon Servaas and I live in the Utrecht area. I am a social, creative and pro-active person who does a lot of volunteer work. I work as a sales manager in a catering establishment. All this means that I am in contact with people a lot.

In 2012 and 2013 I studied film production at Santa Barbara City College. Besides the production work, I also took acting classes there. Both stage acting and acting for the camera.

All this makes me even more enthusiastic about the film / TV industry and would like to gain more experience in this.

In 2019 I followed the semi-annual acting course at the Dutch Actors School in Apeldoorn.
In this I have received lessons from various actors from the profession.

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Acteerwerk voor tv of film.
Organisatorische productie werkzaamheden

I have a hard-working Dutch mentality and knowledge of the American film industry. In addition, I have general knowledge of how a film production works. I am especially motivated to create a product and to learn from every experience.

Other People - shown at the Santa Barbara film festival

Drama film, Short film, Feature film, Drama for Television / Series

Ramon Servaas
Driebergen / NL