Ramesh Sital
producer, actor
Rotterdam / NL
about me
Ramesh is a producer and actor. He has a BBA in Media and Entertainment Management and an MA in Applied Musicology. He started his career as a volunteer video editor and cameraman for the Dutch Christian television program "David Maasbach," which aired on national television on SBS6. He has taken numerous courses in acting, singing and piano to get many acting, hosting and voiceover opportunities for international brands and productions. In 2018 he founded his own company Sital Media, where he is active as a media producer.

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Ramesh Sital is a musicologist as well as a producer and actor. Due to his expertise in the field of music, he offers a unique view of the international music world and how it can be most effectively intertwined in the world of film and audiovisual productions.

He is also trained in singing and piano

2023 Producer Koers - Sital Media / Studio Tinus (production phase)
2023 Producer 'A Viewfinder & White Sneakers - Sital Media
2021 Production Manager One More Shot - 48Hour Eindhoven
2021 Production leader 'APOCALYPS not yet' - 48Hour Rotterdam (Team Berenprut)
2021 Line Producer Summer Fling - Open Film Team
2021 Line Producer Blood Lust - Open Film Team
2021 Edel Zenith S2 - Lemming Film / VPRO
2021 Cast Advertising Marketplace - Cake Films BV
2020 Cast / Voice Over YouTube production Noordhoff
2020 Camjo - 'Ramesh Sital: The India | Nepal Adventure - Sital Media
2020 Production/Editing - #EXTRAORDINARY (Harry Action)
2018 Production/editing - YouTube Channel Cosmetique Totale
2018 Editor - YouTube Channel Maasbach Radio
2015 Voice over commercial Thuisbezorgd
2015 Cast commercial Blycolin in collaboration with Film Ding
2013 Producer 'Let Go' - Lunar Film

Runner Up - Ignite Film Festival 2021 (Blood Lust)

Cinema Camera Rig
Cinema Sound kit
Professional editing & Sound design bay
Productiekantoor aan huis

hardware knowledge
Ik kan omgaan met zowel het vereiste materiaal voor zowel professionele filmproductie (camera's, editing hardware, storyboards, etc.) als professionele muziekproductie (studioapparatuur als microfoons, interfaces, randapperatuur, etc.)

software knowledge
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Final Cut Pro 7 en 10
Logic Pro 9-10
Pro Tools 9-11
Cubase 7
Final Draft

Corporate film, Commercial, Short film, Feature film

my companies

Ramesh Sital
Rotterdam / NL
producer, actor