Wisse Stolk
Utrecht / NL
director, script supervisor

I am a hands on director with 9 years of experience in the field. In those 8 years I have successfully worked on productions for Vattenfall, Exact & KRO-NCRV, among others.

I can: -work in situations where a final result has to be created quickly -direct children -quickly come up with ideas for requested assignments -involvement in the short term -quality from a low budget -quality over quantity

With 'Make your Own Christmas' nominated for the UPC Online Fiction Prize of the Dutch Film Festival.


idea development / comcepting (main profession)
directing - all round (main profession)
directing - commercials (main profession)
directing - children (main profession)
directing - directing actors (main profession)
grafisch designer
freelance teacher
teacher workshops
editing - corporate film
editing - final cut pro
editing - adobe premiere
camera - all round
screenwriting - short film
child support
screenwriting - all round
video playback operator
script continuity
website - designer / programmer
still photography
casting director > kids

Corporate film, Drama film, Internet film, Short film

Wisse Stolk
Utrecht / NL
director, script supervisor