Erwin Leonardo Bozzolini
Duivendrecht / NL
about me
Over 75 non show business Job`s in 4 countries Over 60 Show Business Projects talking 7 languages multi-cultural College-university Level Chamber of Commerce & VAT no.

Creative Consultant. Life Experience High level People and cultural knowledge Ambidextrous Languages Skills Inprovisation attention to small details & accuracy

Do not disturb Background hotel de L`Europe ...... Dick Maas
Stilettos ..... ......Rob Houwer
Hard Blows....AT5
Adultery.....Vara , Remmelt Remmelts
the Power of Mister Miller.... Bellicher... Co-producers VPRO
Raveleijn (in collaboration with De Efteling)
The Fermi Paradox........Sonic Voyage
Hemel, premiered in Between 2012 .. Circe Films, Bella Cohen Films and VPRO television.
Bit Part.....SoMMedia Productions
Several Academies Acting & Bit playing
Again The Movie (short film)
Advertising & commercials
THE PRESIDENT...Lemming Film in co-production with AVRO,
Master Film Academy
Shu Jazz
Piece...The Content Factory
Amsterdam Heavy
Brother`s Keeper Spec boogie.....Marscha la Garnier
Zombie in Kill Kill
Life is beautiful
No way back - Apartment F12
'The oil bar' - made by Klats productions GreeanPeace
'from God' Short circuit
the Zig Zag Child
The suitcase
Saligia-7 VPRO
Blood relatives
Neighbor Short
From God Los 2nd S.Hardcore Never Dies
Fight Cancer Shorts
The Overloper - Cops Maastricht
Animal - Brussels
From God Los 2nd SDISCO
The Power of Mr. Miller 2 Cell
Manga short co-production
Exit, KeyFilm, Boris Paval Conen
Vigilance TCF
Tiewai - Roller coaster (roll & co production)
112 Distress Call The Real Stories
False Witness (director Iglika Triffonova)

3rd Place Holland ; Greenpeace short film contest! (lead actor)

The Nassenstein Prize, from Endemol in the 'No Way Back'(Apartment F12) (extra)

Working in a Hotel ( not acting ) as all around Doorman with the staff
5 Star Diamond Award Hotel De L`Europe amsterdam from
The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

DJ set 80s
Wood Table crates Speakers vinyl records
Complete without lights

Private Sport studio (Bodybuilding)

Short film, Feature film, Drama for Television / Series, Television

my companies

Erwin Leonardo Bozzolini
Duivendrecht / NL