Zeno Groenewegen
actor, improvisation and scripted reality actor, voice over
Leiden / NL
about me
Professional voice-over since 1988. Gave a voice to many AV productions, corporate films, radio and TV commercials and multimedia productions. Warm, reliable, clear voice. Onscreen actor in GTST, ONM, Gotcha!, Behind Closed Doors, Accused, Doctors.

Also worked as an onscreen actor in, among others, Guest roles in, among others, Weg naar Morgen, GTST, Behind Closed Doors, Accused, Doctors and 'Candid' actor in the hidden camera program Gotcha! from Veronica. Host at trade fairs for Nuon, among others.

Trivago, Bisolviral, Leifheit, Corendon, Microsoft, Xbox360, Discovery Channel, L'Oreal, NEC, Banque National de Paris, UCB Bank, Philips, Endemol, Landrover, Saab, Adobe, Fiat, Volvo, Henkel, Proctor & Gamble, Sony , Kodak, Disney, Head&Shoulders, Warner Bros, Dreamworks Pictures, Dell, Renault, Peugeot, Sixflags, Rosetta Stone, Parship, Marriot Hotels, SuperRTL Germany, Philips Senseo, Turkish Touristic Board, Corendon travel & Estate, Schwarzkopf, Villeroy&Boch, SYM Scooters , Becker Car Navigation, Dutch Railways etc.

Professionele audiostudio voor levering van opnamen binnen 24 uur met Source Connect en APT Worldnet Tokyo voor live studio verbindingen wereldwijd.

Studio setup:

Neumann U87, Neumann KM184, Sennheiser MKH416
Pre-amp : Trident S80
EQ : Trident S80, Solid State Logic SSL501, SSL502
Compressor : Antony DeMaria Labs ADL1000 (tube) Solid State Logic 510 & 520, SSL G-channel, DBX160

Monitoring : Quested VH3208, KRK700B, PMC AML-1, Auratone
Mixer : Chandler EMI Mixer

Software : Protools HD3
Interface : Lynx Aurora
DA Converter : Apogee Mini-Me
AD Converter : Apogee Mini-Dac

Soundproof acoustical dead vocalbooth
Headphone amp : Samson Cue8
Shockmount : Enhanced Audio M600
Remote : Frontier Tranzport

Live directing by Phonepatch / Skype / Source Connect
ISDN : APT Worldnet Tokyo
KRK 7000B + KRK Rokit 5 Monitoren
Geluidsdichte en akoestische behandelde spreekcel

software knowledge
ProTools, Final Cut X

Commercial, Documentary, Drama for Television / Series, Television

Zeno Groenewegen
Leiden / NL
actor, improvisation and scripted reality actor, voice over