Hans Williams
actor, lawyer
amsterdam / NL
about me
2016/2017 Acting course Meisner technique 1 & 2, Improvisation course, 2 workshops Donmar theater London,
June 2017: production 'Status' at Los Zand, 5 performances at Q-Factory, leading role Luc.
January and September 2018: production 'Voorbij' at Theater Group Zout, directed by Mariken Bijnen, performance in Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, January 2018 + reprise in The Hague, September 2018, 3 performances, leading role grandfather Takma.
Spring 2018: Film Acting Course at Crea.
Fall 2018: Introductory course on voice use at De Theaterkamer.
Fall 2018: Theater Sports I course at Crea.
Spring 2019: Theater Sports II course at Crea.
Spring 2019: 'De Vloer op' (intermediate) advanced course at Tokodrama.
March 2019; production 'Cafe Contact' at Theater Group Zout, directed by Renate Hagenouw, 3 performances in Perdu, role Frits.
August 2019, Movement theater course + presentation with Crea (teacher Jan Taks).
Fall 2019: Acting course Four elements method with Crea (teacher Olaf Pieters).
November 2019: Performance 'Song for a Majestic Death' by artist S. Bae and J. Lemke, text 20 minutes in English, interaction with visitors, 9 performances of 20 minutes in 3 days, Rijksakademie Amsterdam.
December 2019: production: 'Tafelzuur', directed by Renate Hagenouw, theater group Zout, 3 performances in Perdu, role Ramon.
Spring 2020, 2 Crea courses, including camera acting with Mark Timmer, but canceled due to the Corona crisis.
October 2020: zoom performance 'Love for love in Lockdown' at Theater Group Zout, directed by Mariken Bijnen, 3 live zoom performances on October 3 and 4, role Kwebbel.
Fall 2020, Crea Acting ITA course, with Fleur de Graaf.
Fall 2020, advanced acting course with Mariken Bijnen
Winter 2020/2021, Crea course Meisner technique with Herman Bolten.
Spring 2021, advanced plus course with Mariken Bijnen, worked with Waiting for Godot, Beckett.
Autumn 2021: rehearsals for performances by Toneelgroep Zout, role Herman, directed by Pascal Kijzer, performance postponed.
December 2021: performance "Iphigeneia in Aulis", Tokodrama, directed by Bart van Heel, role Achilles. 5 performances.
December 2021: 5 performances "Iphigeneia in aulis" with Bart van Heel, role Achilles.
May 2022: three-day Animal Studies course at RADA, London
July 2022: ITA Amateur project in the Amsterdamse Bos directed by Renate Hagenouw.
August 2022: “At the end of the rainbow”, role David", script and direction by Luuk Bellemakers, 3 performances.
October 2022: 4 performances Toneelgroep Vuur, “Augustus Oklahoma”, directed by Mariken Bijnen, role "Kleine Charlie".
Fall 2022: Advanced course at De Toneelmeesters, teacher Steef Verheijen.
January 2023: "Risque du bisque" performance in ITA in connection with "Year of Lobster", with Theater Group Zout, director: Johanna Biesewig.
January 2023 - present: Advanced course with De Toneelmeester, teachers Herman Bolten and Steef Verheijen.
January 2023: Masterclass with Hans Kesting.
April 2023: Masterclass with Maria Kraakman.
March - June 2023: Advanced Plus course Mariken Bijnen with presentation "Leedvermaak", role Nico..
April - May 2023: Camera acting course with Crea, teacher Reinier Noordzij.
August-September 2023, Camera acting at Faaam, 5 weekends.

student assignment film May 2018, no clip available
student assignment film March DFA 2019, 'Dromer of nothing' 3 shooting days.
student assignment film April 2019 DFA, 'Having and houwen' 2 shooting days.
student assignment film September 2020 DFA, 'De Wolkenfabriek' 3 shooting days, Merel van Beek, premiere Filmhuis Amersfoort 9 October 2021,
student assignment film December 2020, Rietveld Academy 'Dead road walking', 3 shooting days, in post production.
student assignment film April 2021, DFA, Sterk op Pelt', with Laurens de Groot, 5 shooting days, premiere April 2022.
promo clip Talentlab Film Academy Amsterdam, release date 11 July 2022.
Bernard Bussemaker, "Infalling light, afl. 3 Train", role Viktor, 2 shooting days 13 and 14 July, in post production.

Drama film, Short film, Theatre

Hans Williams
amsterdam / NL
actor, lawyer