Iris van Vliet
script editor, script consultant
Utrecht / NL
about me
I graduated cum laude in film and television sciences at Utrecht University, where I did research into the process of screenplay development, among other things. I work as a freelance script editor/script consultant together with producers, directors and screenwriters. In addition, as a film teacher I give (writing) courses, masterclasses and workshops in the field of film and screenplay.

ask me for
Dramaturgisch advies, script reading, script editing, script consulting, persoonlijke/individuele (schrijf)begeleiding. Voor korte films, Telefilm, speelfilms en televisiedrama/series. Eerste idee, synopsis, treatment of scenario.

Committed, honest and open, analytically strong, eye for detail.

For the past 3 years I have worked with directors, screenwriters and producers on a variety of projects: short films, feature films and television drama. As a freelance script editor and as a screenwriting teacher, I have been able to read, edit, analyze and review a large number of film and drama projects and have sat around the table with makers to provide feedback and advice, brainstorm and support. As an independent dramaturge I work (on a project basis) for Topkapi Films. Most recently I provided dramaturgical advice for Vechtmeisje (The Film Kitchen, director: Johan Timmers) and I am currently working as a script editor on Een Groot Geweld (Topkapi Films, screenplay: Manon Uphoff).

Fighting Girl (2019, The Film Kitchen, director: Johan Timmers, screenplay: Barbara Jurgens) won several awards, including the prestigious European Film Awards (Young Audience Award) for best European youth film.

software knowledge
Final Draft, Fade In

Drama film, Short film, Feature film, Drama for Television / Series

Iris van Vliet
Utrecht / NL
script editor, script consultant