Jessica Groeneveld
tv host, special model, voice over
Westervoort / NL
about me
Experienced presenter who can convey your message, product, instruction or event to your audience in a professional, fun, spontaneous way. What you see is what you get (and a little bit more). In addition, I can provide your voice over in fluent German, English and Dutch. For more information, I would like to invite you to take a look at my website

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Voice over in drie talen. Ideaal toch? Vloeiend Nederlands, Duits en Engels (Brits of Amerikaans) of Vlaams.

Casual presentatrice. Geen poespas, geen stoeipoes, geen mediageile glamourbunny. Wél professioneel, spontaan, gezellig, creatief, hard werkend en doortastend/empatisch.

I'm the neighbor next door... With a natural, spontaneous and warm appearance, nice to see and pleasant to listen to.. Haven't found a comparable type of presenter on Dutch tube yet (I think :-). In addition to accentless Dutch, also fluent English and German.

a few for writing short stories...

Eigen thuisstudio voor opnemen voice-overs.

hardware knowledge

software knowledge

Corporate film, Internet film, Television

Jessica Groeneveld
Westervoort / NL
tv host, special model, voice over