Frodo Kuipers
2d animation, director (animation), voice actor, storyboard
Rosmalen / NL
about me
Frodo Kuipers graduated magna cum laude from KASK in Ghent (B) in 2001 with his award-winning animation film 'Antipods'. During his time as artist in residence at the NIAf, he made 2 short animation films, including the film 'Shipwrecked', which received international acclaim. Since 2005, Frodo has been mainly engaged in the realization of independent films in his Studio Mosquito, of which 'Fata Morgana' (2011) and 'Bullet Time' (2016) are the most successful. The latter film was chosen at the end of 2017 as the Dutch entry for the Oscars 2018. In addition to his free films, Frodo regularly makes commissioned work, teaches at the WDKA in Rotterdam and regularly works as a voice actor.

ask me for
- traditionele 2D karakteranimatie
- regie
- storyboarding
- characterdesign
- voice acting
- eigenzinnige korte animatiefilms!

Lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam

Best Animated Short Film (NFMLA Los Angeles '19) Dutch OscarĀ® Entry 2018 March Winner (Shortcutz Amsterdam '18) Best Music (Tilburgs Film Festival '18) Best Animation (FilmQuest Film Festival Utah, USA '18) Best Narrative Short (Routes to Roots Film Festival Ontario, Canada '18) Mr. Zee Best Animation (Shortcutz Amsterdam '18) Mr. Zee Best Film (Shortcutz Amsterdam '18) Distinction (Athens Animfest '17) Audience Award (ZAFF Zwolle '17) Prize of the Public to the Best Vermouth Short (Festival De Cine de Madrid '17) Best Animation (Eindhovens Film Festival '17 ) Third Prize Audience Award (Anima Mundi 2012) Anima Mundi On The Road Award (Anima Mundi 2012) Best Animation (Novara Filmfestival 2012) The Golden Apple for Most Successful Animated Film, Zlin Film Festival (2011) 3th Price Short FIlm, Festival Internazionale del Cinema d'Arte Bergamo (2007) Prix du Public 7-10 ans, CineJunior 94 Paris (2007) Moviesquad Junior Audience Award, HAFF Utrecht (2006) Best Short Film, European Youth Film Festival Antwerp (2005) Prize of the VRT, Anima Brussels (2002 ) Canal+ Prize, Anima Brussels (2002) Grand Prix of the Flemish Community, Anima Brussels (2002) Audience Award, Film Festival Leuven-Kort (2002) ACE Prize, Film Festival Ghent (2001)

software knowledge
Photoshop (goed)
Premiere (goed)
Animo (goed)
After Effects (basis)
Adobe Animate/Flash (goed)

Animation, Commercial, Short film

my companies

Frodo Kuipers
Rosmalen / NL
2d animation, director (animation), voice actor, storyboard