The lost letters
Jeffrey Neves

The lost letters, (A BUas 4th year production)

“The lost letters” is a 15 minutes short suspense thriller, the spoken language is English.
A lonesome college freshman befriends his neighbor, whose intentions he starts to question when it’s far too late…

For our graduation project, six Breda University students will be producing a movie. Since we are students, we want to create a good end of the year product.
We are all passionate about movies and the hardship that comes behind it, the pre-production, production, and post-production.
We chose to make a movie to could suit our future portfolio, but to make a good project.



Character 1: (Eleanor Wright, female, mid 20, modern)

Eleanor follows rules, she finds comfort in order. She
would be best described as a person doing what she thinks
is right. She would describe herself as righteous, though
for a righteous person, she does not believe in second

Character 2: (Corey Graves, Male, mid 20, own sense of style)

Corey would be best described as a happy-go-lucky person,
who enjoys the bliss of ignorance. He loves connecting
with people, which he thinks is his main calling in life. He
is the person to remind you to “stop stressing and chill”.

Week 43 (autumn break)

Wat bieden wij?
Portfolio work and hopefully a small amount.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Jeffrey Neves
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