Casting Call - Engelstalige korte animatie film

Yassin Salim


A pessimistic modern fable about Isac; a supercomputer and a nameless rat. Isac spends every night alone, sitting perfectly still under the fluorescent lighting of a drab cubicle office. The rat spends his life scavenging and surviving. The stark contrast in their life philosophies causes a cursing match to erupt between the two. The story explores the pros and cons of both angsty and reckless behaviours.

I'll be combining computer animation and stop-motion animation for this film. This is the frist time i am making a film that is dialogue heavy and featuring a traditional narative so patience is a pro.

Score will be an original and features analog synths and organs.



I am looking for three English speaking voice actors to make the story come to life. I just wrapped up pre production and now I just need voices before I can start animating. Short is aproximately 6-8 min.
Recording will take place between Sept 26th and Oct 2nd. 1-2h will be spent recording for each character. They can be recorded seperately from eachother meaning the schedule is flexible..

For the main character Isac there will be facial motion capture animation involved. Meaning you'll also have to face-act.


The Narator is the stories nameless omnipotent story teller from whose perspective the story unfolds. Like a parent reading heir kid a fable. Preferably a Joe Pera type voice-over. However any kind of warm story telling voice would be desireable. Meaning also more emotive ones.


Isac is written pretentiously and holier than thou. Truly thinking they are better than the rat. Looking down on everything; high up on the desk where they are stuck.
Isaac is a non-binary character so any type of peformances are welcome to read. Isacs performances will include complete facial motion capture for every line

The rat is a male with a rough voice. He is not afraid to speak up and does not accept being talked down to. He lives life chasing hedonistic pleasures whenever he’s not fighting for his life.

26 Sept tot 2 Oktober.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Yassin Salim
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Op: 17-09-2022 / 835 x bekeken
Categorie: Onbetaald , 18-30 , 30-50 , 50+ , Vrouw , Man , Redelijk ervaren of opgeleid , Student / in opleiding
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